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Suggestions for Exercises - Lesson 3

Exercise 3.2 - Clear-Cut Examples of Suit Qualities

always having to have everything just so
Pentacles - Negative
compulsive, inflexible, over-organized, rigid
getting drunk the night before an important exam
Wands - Negative
imprudent, irresponsible, unprepared
being where you say you will, every time
Pentacles -Positive
dependable, reliable, responsible
solving a math problem
Swords - Positive
logical, mental, analytical
using the Tarot cards
Cups - Positive
intuitive, spiritual, quiet
cheering your team on to victory
Wands -Positive
enthusiastic, exuberant, wholehearted
listening to a friend talk about her troubles
Cups -Positive
caring, kind, sympathetic, concerned
making a cruel, sarcastic remark
Swords - Negative
biting, critical, insensitive
refusing to apologize when you're wrong
Pentacles - Negative
stubborn, obstinate, unbending
treating those "lesser" than you with disdain
Swords - Negative
arrogant. condescending, highhanded, patronizing
seeing a project through to the end
Pentacles -Positive
dogged, tenacious, thorough, persistent
brooding over a perceived slight
Cups - Negative
hypersensitive, sulky, temperamental, touchy
volunteering for a dangerous, but vital mission
Wands - Positive
brave, heroic, self-confident, valiant
quitting your job in a moment of anger
Wands - Negative
hasty, rash, hot-tempered, impulsive
arbitrating a dispute
Swords -Positive
objective, equitable, impartial, just, discerning
finding "dirty work" distasteful
Cups - Negative
over-refined, frail, fragile, lazy

Exercise 3.3 - Blended Examples of Suit Qualities

to manage a project:

to create a work of art:

to raise a child:

to close a sale:

Exercises for Lesson 3

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