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V.I. P.
(very important page)
for very important people!!!!!!
There are many pitfalls working on a 900 line.  We hope we can help you avoid some of
them. We all wish,  and dream of the day when we can relax and just give a good reading without
worrying about priorities or averages,  etc.  Until that day arrives, we all need all the
help we can get to survive on these lines.  When I started on the 900  line, no one told me
anything!  I learned the hard way.  I did not have a "mentor", "contact person", "counselor", "support system",  or any means of getting honest caring advice.  Basically, I had to learn how to conduct phone readings on my own,  with no help from anyone!    I hope to make it a little easier for you.

There are certain hours of the day and night  when it is busier on the line.  If your time is
limited, please log on during those times.. The frequency of calls depend on the amount of
calls coming into the system PLUS your priority #.  If its slow, or if you log on during a
slow time of day , unless you have a terrific priority, you will not get many or any calls.

1. A good average means a good priority.  This should be YOUR #1 PRIORITY!!   This is
what keeps your calls  and checks coming.  It also means that it will take a shorter
period of time to get your hours in on the line.
To determine your call average, add up all the minutes you are actually connected to a caller and divide by the number of calls you receive.  This number is what becomes your call average  Every call you take changes your average.  Keep a running total of your minutes/calls so you know where you stand.  You  really need to  have a 14-20 minute call  average to get calls frequently.  If your average falls under 11, your extension will be suspended  The TOP priority number would be #1.   A very BAD priority # would be 3000.  So, the smaller the #, the better for you.  A GOOD
AVERAGE IS  14, 15 20,  ETC.  A BAD AVERAGE IS 8, 9, 10 OR LESS.

2.. Dead Air ( you answer and there's no one there), hang-ups, ( people get their 3  free minutes and hang up, or for some other reason hang up in 1-4  minutes),  callers looking for another psychic;  underage callers we can not talk to. callers asking  for customer service number, disconnections, etc.
The system is all computerized and the computer does not know what the situation is, it only knows that you received a call.  We have all complained about this, but do not expect the situation to be changed anytime soon.  Log EVERY call you receive, no matter what the circumstance.

3.  Activate your extension within 5 days or it will be suspended. The pay period week begins on Mon. 12:01am & ends Sun. night at midnight.
Priority numbers are changed on Tuesday mornings and  reflect what your average was the week
ending Sunday midnight.  So , on Monday you are still working on the priority you had
the last  week.    If you do not work anytime during 1 week, your priority will not stay the
same, it will get worse..  This is something new that PRN is doing. So , if you have a good
priority number, and wish to keep it, please work sometime during every week to keep it up.
Call average and priority numbers are the name of the game in this business, if you want to stay busy!

4.  If you are ill, depressed, angry, upset, have a house full of people and have constant interruptions, etc., please don't try to work!    It will do you more harm than good to go on line if you can't concentrate and focus on the job at hand.

5.  Never start working the line on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If possible, please begin your week on  Monday or Tuesday.   If you start at the beginning of the week, and have a bad
day or two, you will have plenty of days to be able to work on getting your average up.
If you start on Saturday and have a bad day, you are probably out of luck!  So, give yourself
a break, cut down on the stress and start at the beginning of the week.

6.  This is really important.  There is some STRANGE PHENOMENA that happens when you stay off the line.  The longer you stay off, the harder it is to go back on.  It gets worse as the days go by until it is almost impossible for you to get on again.  BELIEVE ME, THIS IS TRUE!!  IT HAS
HAPPENED TO ME!!    So , even if you only work a very short time, try to get on there
every day and take a few calls.   It makes it so much easier and keeps your psychic juices
flowing too!!

7. (A)  If you are getting a lot of short calls, hang-ups, dead air,  etc, please log off for a few
minutes to get away from that cycle and then log in again.
If  you don't go back in , remember that the next day  you will be starting out with a bad average.It is much easier and better to go back in and fix it before the day is  over.

  (B)  You've worked all week and now its Sunday midnight! You know you  have a low
average and  you are going to have a rotten priority # on Tuesday when they change them.
to get a few good, long calls, then log off for the week.  You won't make any money,
but you won't be sitting there for hours getting frustrated because you are not getting calls
either.  What have you accomplished?  Well, you have set yourself up to have a GREAT week the next week by getting a good call average and establishing an excellent priority for yourself.  You will have a good priority # and get lots of calls. This will allow you to make up for the slow time you experienced by having a bad priority.  Of course, if you have a good priority for the week , this is unnecessary.

Please remember that ALL of us get kids calling, hang-ups, disconnects, etc.  None of us
like them,  but they are there.  DO NOT call your manager and tell them would have a good
average *if* you had not received those calls, etc..  WE ALREADY KNOW THAT & WE
SYMPATHIZE WITH YOU,  BUT WE CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.   We get them too!  Please make note on your log sheets, if you wish to advise management of any problems you experienced, such as an unusual number of hang-ups, etc.

If necessary, please read it TWICE, THREE TIMES, FOUR TIMES!!!!!!
You will find most of the answers to any questions you have right here in the packet you have been provided!
We love you all, but we have 100 people or more each week working on the line and when someone calls and asks simple questions that are explained in the material, it is difficult to handle all of the questions in a timely manner. We spent a great deal of time writing and providing you with this informational packet,  so please be kind enough to read it before calling or e-mailing us!   However,  if you have read something and do not understand it,  or have a question that is not covered in the material...  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK US.

Please realize that we are not on call 24 hrs/7 days a week.  Please do not call me
in the middle of the night or at 6 am,  etc.  When you call,  if I am not in, please
CALL BACK.  Please realize that I can't possibly  return phone calls from everyone who
works under me,  so call me back if you want to talk to me.  I also have E- MAIL (the preferred way of corresponding since it is "free"  and  FAX,  so I am accessible.  I will answer your E-mail and faxes ASAP.  Be patient.  If I  haven't gotten back to you, it may be because I am still trying to find out the answer for you.

We are here for you,  and we want you to be successful, but please remember that we may not have an answer for you immediately.  We do our best to respond to your questions in a timely manner, but sometimes we have to wait for answers and other times we simply have not control over the situation at hand.  We do our best to help you in any way we can!  Your success means that the callers are getting quality readings, which is the ultimate goal we all  hope to achieve in this *sometimes* crazy business.