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Meditative Moments With The Spirit Goddess

To the spirit of abundance
that is in each of you.
May you recognize your greatness,
discover your path,
and make the contribution you came to make.
~Orin, DaBen, and Sanaya Roman~

Affirmations are positive thoughts that allow you to focus your energy and your awareness on your own power. They give you the ability to create and have what you want. Your thoughts create your own reality, and as you begin to focus on these affirmations and allow them to become a part of your everyday thoughts, you will bring more abundance into your life.

I accept and love who I am right now!

I am the source of my own abundance.

I focus on what I love and thus draw it to me.

My thoughts are loving and positive.

My choices and possibilities are expanding each day.

I am an unlimited being! I can create anything I want.

I picture abundance for myself and others.

My dreams come true.

I create money and abundance through joy, aliveness, and self-love.

Everything I do brings me aliveness and growth.

I know the essence of what I want and I get it.

Everything I create and experience fulfills me.

The things I create are even better than I imagine them to be.

My energy is focused and directed toward my goals.

I am increasingly magnetic to money.

I create what I want with energy.

Good things come to me easily.

I only magnetize what feels comfortable to have.

I trust and follow my inner guidance.

I hear my inner guidance.

I am always in the right place at the right time.

I follow my highest joy.

I honor myself in everything I do.

I am a success.

I allow myself to feel successful.

I congratulate myself often.

I forgive myself, knowing that I did the best I knew how at the time.

I give myself permission to have what I want.

I love getting there as much as being there.

My beliefs create my reality.

I believe in unlimited prosperity.

I choose beliefs that bring me aliveness and growth.

My beliefs create good things for me.

I deserve abundance.

I allow myself to have more than I ever dreamed possible.

My debts represent my and others' belief
in my future earning potential.

My value and worth are increased by everything that I do.

All my experiences are opportunities.

I gain power, clarity, and vision with each opportunity.

I speak of success.

My words uplift and inspire others.

I live in an abundant world.

All is perfect in my universe.

I expect only the best to happen, and it does!!

I am in charge of my destiny.