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To enroll a caller into the Astrological Society Of America:

 · Get callerís name and address
 · Get callerís date of birth
 · Caller will get a special FREE gift of Envision, a monthly newsletter.
 ·  15 minutes free each month,  free stereo cassette player, and either Tarot cards or personalized compatibility charts for a 1 month FREE trial membership in the club
 · Caller can cancel at any time
 · If a caller continues as a member, he/she will be billed $39.95, a one time fee for a three month membership. This will be billed on phone bill as "Monthly Fee" or "Psychic". This will be billed AFTER the 30 day free trial period.
· Ask caller if they would like to sign up.
· Ask caller to press the # key on their telephone to confirm they wish to sign up!
· Confirm that caller is the one to make decisions regarding the phone bill in his/her home.
· Membership will arrive in 2-3 weeks.
· They may cancel membership at any time by calling 1-937-383-4769. If they cancel before the 30 day free trial is over, they will never be billed on their phone bill.
 If you live in Nevada, Oregan, or Washington, you cannot enroll callers without specific registration and licenses.

<Please listen for updates via the daily message.
Voice prompt at beginning of call will tell
you which club you are supposed to offer.