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Welcome to our page all about Chester, the kewlest cat on the internet.  Chester is a silver persian with a personality that will amaze you.    Check out the pictures below, and you will see just what I mean!

Here's Chester playing on the staircase!  This is his favorite place to play and he often plans a "sneak attack",  from this vantage point, on the dogs or the humans in his household.  You should see him run up and down the stairs!  He is faster than a speeding bullet, especially when he is running to his food bowl!


Here is Chester in his bedroom.  He has a beautiful bedroom of his very own, decorated in a style which provides luxury and comfort.

Occasionally, Chester will humor the humans in his household by entertaining them with silly "cat games".  He doesn't feel that this makes him "unkewl", as he is aware this is just part of having to live with humans.


Chester really didn't want to mention it, but there is another cat in his household named Princess.  Princess thinks Chester is a silly, pampered, spoiled cat who doesn't know anything about real life, and she misses no opportunity to tell him so!  Just to be fair, Chester decided he would introduce you to Princess, so without further adieu..............

Chester knows that he is very fortunate to have humans that love him and give him a warm place to sleep and plenty of food.  Please check out and support the organizations below so other animals will have a chance!