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Just put forth a clear enough request,
and everything your heart desires must come to you.

Easy Steps For Working The Line

Everyone is nervous taking their first call. Let us help make it simple for you by following some suggestions. After you have everything prepared, just take a deep breath and remember the gifts you can bring to each caller that is being connected specifically to you.


· Set up your working area in a location that is quiet, comfortable, and shut off from the rest of the household so that the caller has your full attention. You do not want to be disturbed by background noise such as TV, babies crying, or any other distractions.

 · Make several copies of the call sheet to have by you. Please remember to put your first name, extension number and date on every page and please number the pages you fax. It is a good idea to have a clock set at Easter time on your work table.


· When you are ready to receive calls, you will first hear a voice prompt. Check the appropriate box on your call sheet directed by the voice message. For example, if you hear "60 minute, yes club" mark that box on your call sheet. Follow the Easy Directions For Each Call included in this packet. The caller will then come on line.

 1. Always answer, "Thank you for calling the network" NEVER say "Hello".
2. Always then say, "My name is __________ at extension _____________."
3. PRN recommends that you give out the 900# which is 1-900-903-9113 sometime during your call. Be sure to say, "$4.99 a minute, must be 18, adults and entertainment only, sponsored by New Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, FL."
4. Remember to obtain accurate name, address, and phone number from each and every caller. Suggestions on how to obtain this information are provided in the Helpful Hints section.
5. Do not forget to Log Off at the end of each session.
6. Report The Calls by fax or phone by 8:00 pm the following day to avoid being suspended for unprocessed calls.