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I do and say
with anyone
makes a difference
~~Gita Bellin~~

We always recognize that you are our most valuable asset. We hope the following material will help make your experience on line easier and more enjoyable. Furthermore, we also have coaching available that our psychics have consistently said has been extremely helpful.

 · For many of you, this is your first experience giving readings on the phone. The biggest difference from doing it in person is that the caller can hang up the phone at any given moment. Therefore, your rapport with the caller begins the second they hear your voice. Your voice and attitude should reflect your intent to provide a friendly and sensitive atmosphere for the caller.

 · Grounding yourself is so vital. Always incorporate whatever means you use to center yourself and call the energy through your line before you log on. Set up your own space in which you work to compliment your readings as much as possible. You can be emotionally drained if you do not protect yourself. Take care of yourself first and foremost and the averages and the money will follow.

 · Buying a telephone headset can be very beneficial and affordable. Your hands are free to deal our tarot cards, use runes, and write down information. It also prevents stiff necks and back pain.


· After you receive their name and date of birth, you may want to ask for the city and state they are calling from. You could say that this information helps to better tune into them. To obtain a callers full address you might say near the end of the reading "In case we get disconnected, please give me your name and address so I can send you a free newsletter as my way of saying thank you for calling."

 · Having a caller stay on the line the first five minutes can be challenging for some psychics. Try to provide information that can be very specific about who they are or what may be happening in their life. This moment is important since some callers want their 5 minute free readings only. So, if you have difficulty with this, please inquire about the coaching available.

 · By giving an honest sincere reading, you and the caller will benefit. Do not underestimate the impact you have and the guidance you provide.