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Here is your packet. READ IT CAREFULLY. Then follow instructions exactly.
1. fill out all pages that need filling out
2. fill out the W-9 form
3. FAX back to me, Debbie, all of the pages/forms that you filled out. This includes the contract, the application, and the W-9. Please donít send back the whole packet, ONLY the pages you wrote on. FAX TO 1-903-860-3149

After you FAX it to me MAIL ME THE ORIGINALS. I need the originals back IMMEDIATELY BY MAIL. Your first paycheck will not be sent if I do not get your signed contract, application, and W-9, in the mail. Again: only send (first by fax and then by mail) the pages that you actually wrote on. If you canít or donít want to FAX your stuff first, thatís okay, just mail it as soon as possible. The advantage to faxing it first, is that I can get you an extension number and get you started working right away (if you already have your system phone in place)

Mail your filled out pages and forms to me, your group manager:
Debbie Holder
213 Schaerf Rd.
Scroggins, TX 75480
Your paychecks will come from Spirit Connectionís main office in Atlanta, which is where you are required to FAX your log sheets each day, once you are working. Any questions or problems must be handled through me, however, since I am your group manager. The number again at which I may be contacted is 1-903-860-3149. Remember you mail your forms and applications to me, NOT to the main office.

The fine print!! The Psychic 900 industry is unfortunately part of a big business and there is stiff competition. In order to "make it" as a 900 counselor, you have to give quality readings and maintain a good call average. If you think you cannot talk to most callers for at least 13-15 minutes, you may need to do a bit of extra studying. A great book, which is easily understood, is TAROT MADE EASY, by Nancy Garen. Counselors who consistently maintain a very low call average are deleted. Call averages for all new psychics must be 12 minutes the first day on line. The best way to assure this is to stay logged on for an extended period of time and say something that will catch the callers attention in the first 5 minutes of the call. Call averages must be above 13 minutes in three days or you will be deleted by the Network. There is coaching available by phone. If you need extensive coaching, I can give you a one hour lesson for a cost of $15.00. Call me at 1-903-860-3149 for details.