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TO LOG ON AND OFF: 1-800-848-4587
TO FAX YOUR LOG SHEETS: 1-888-562-9160
CONTACT DEBBIE: 1-903-860-3149
TO FAX YOUR CONTRACT: 1-903-860-3148
CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-937-383-4769
900 CALL BACK #: 1-900-903-9113

Dear Psychics:

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then,
is not an act, but a habit.

1. If you work on line at least 12 hours a week, you will feel as though you have made a nice bit of extra income when your paycheck comes. If you wish to make extra money, you have to put in the time on line. Just having an extension number doesn’t do anything unless you use it!! Where else can you make at least $12.00 an hour without ever leaving the comfort of home?
Try to keep track of your call average on a daily basis. It is of the utmost importance that you end each day with a call average of above 13 minutes!! You have from midnight to midnight eastern time to work on your average each day, so that should not be a problem. If it seems to be lower than you would like it to be, and DEFINITELY if it falls below 13 minutes, call your contact person. That’s me…Debbie…..903-860-3149.
REMEMBER YOUR "DAY" RUNS FROM MIDNIGHT TO MIDNIGHT EASTERN STANDARD TIME! Keep this in mind in planning to log on to the system and also in figuring your call average. If you begin taking calls very close to the end of the day, you may have a hard time obtaining the recommended call average before the end of that day.
Remember, you are now an independent contractor and it is *your* responsibility to contact me if you have concerns about your call average or other questions. I am not your "boss", I am simply your contact person/group manager. It is up to YOU to manage your extension properly!
2. The easiest way to keep a good call average is to give the caller the best and most honest reading you can. There will be everything from hang-up callers to hour long readings. Relax and concentrate on helping the caller and the averages normally will take care of themselves.
3. Remember, the system contains eight tiers based on call length average in minutes. To calculate your call average add up all the minutes that your were connected to the line and talking for the week from Monday to Sunday midnight. Take this number and divide it by the number of total callers that week, including hang-up calls. THIS gives you your call length average and your priority number is based on this number. The HIGHER the call length average, the LOWER the priority number and the more calls will be sent to your extension.
4. Please also remember to give out 1-900-903-9113 to each and every caller. This will help you to get more call backs to your extension and will help to keep the line busy for you. Remember to always say, "$4.99 a minute. Must be 18. Entertainment only. Sponsored by New Lauderdale." Remember to ALWAYS say this  EACH AND EVERY TIME that you give out the 900 number.  Also remember to give the caller your extension number!
5. It is also important that you NEVER put a caller on hold. They are calling us and reaching out for answers and guidance and are paying a great deal of money to speak to us. It is never acceptable to put a caller on hold and if a psychic is found to be doing so, their extension will be deleted without question.
6. Remember to try to capture as many names and addresses as possible. It helps to say, "What city and state are you calling me from?" after getting their name and birthday. Not only does this help in eventually capturing the full address, but it also provides an "ice-breaker" because it gives you the chance to make a positive comment about the area they are from, if you know something about it or have ever been there. Then once the call is winding down, all you have to get is the street address, zip and phone number.  I do this by saying, "Before we end the call, if you will give me your street address, I will make sure the network sends you a free copy of our psychic newsletter, Envision".   OR you may wish to answer the calls as I do, "Thank you for calling the network. This is _____at extension number_____. What is your name and address please?" I have found this method works very well for most of the psychics and enables us to have a high volume of name and address captures. Those 25 cent bonuses add up! I always think about them as if I was tossing a quarter in a jar and how wonderfully full my jar will be by the end of a months time.
7. It is also VERY important that a psychic NEVER, NEVER discuss charges with a client. If the client has a question about how many free minutes they are getting while talking to you, tell them they must refer back to the offer they called in on. The network has MANY different free minute offers available and there is no way for us to know which one the caller received.
8. Enrolling your clients in the Astrological Society Of America club is another great way for you to get another 25 cents bonus.