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Rainbows are the most spectacular light show on earth. They offer us a moment of pleasure at totally unexpected times. Any time we see a rainbow, we automatically delight in its beauty and if someone is near, we often say "Oh, look at that rainbow!" and, for a moment, feel the bliss, freedom, and wonderment that we once felt as a child.


There are many scientific explanations describing just what a rainbow is. Simply put, a rainbow is sunlight spread out into a spectrum of colors. It is sent to the observer's eye by water droplets illuminated by the sun. Interestingly, no two people see the same rainbow, since the rainbow is a special distribution of colors (produced in a particular way) with reference to a definite point - the eye of the observer - and as no single distribution can be the same for two separate points, it follows that two observers do not, and cannot, see the same rainbow." In fact, each eye sees its own rainbow!! WOW!!! Only Mother Nature could create such a spectacular sight and then allow each of us to see it differently.


Have you ever seen a rainbow when the moon was out? If you have, this is called a lunar rainbow. It is a rare sight to see and is truly spectacular. A full moon is bright enough to have its light refracted by raindrops just as is the case for the sun. Moonlight is much fainter, of course, so the lunar rainbow is not nearly as bright as one produced by sunlight. Lunar rainbows have infrequently been observed since the time of Aristotle or before.


One such proverb is, "Rainbow at night, shepherd's delight;Rainbow in morning, shepherds take warning,"If there be a rainbow in the eve,It will rain and leave; But if there be a rainbow in the morrow It will neither lend nor borrow".


Rainbows have often been known as a symbol of "Good Luck" or "Spiritual Messages". Many Native American people have looked upon the rainbow as a symbol of good fortune, possibly because they mean rain! To the Native American's, rainbows are guardians for the south, west and north sides in the art of sandpainting.
You may have heard the rainbow described as "The Gateway To Heaven". Many people believe the rainbow is a ray of light falling to earth whenever Saint Peter opens the gates of heaven to let another soul in.
The Mayan people believe that Mauina the Goddess of fertility, lives under the rainbow in the gardens of the rain and water.
Some Buddhists believe the seven colors of the rainbow relate to the seven planets and the seven regions of the earth. They also say the rainbow is the highest state of samsara before the clear light of Nirvana or heaven.
The Old Testament speaks of God sending a rainbow as a signal to Noah that the rains and floods had come to an end and it was God's promise to Noah that he would never again destroy the earth by floods.


There are as many different beliefs about rainbows as there are people on the planet earth and maybe beyond. No matter what belief, philosophy, religion, or lifestyle you live by, one thing is certain!! RAINBOWS ARE MAGICAL! They bring beauty, delight, joy, and a sense of wonderment to us. Each of us will find our own meaning in the rainbows of our life! Just look at a rainbow and you will know what it means to you!


If you need a moment of magical delight in your life, make your own rainbow! I often create my own rainbows with the mist from a simple garden hose while I am watering my flowers. What a truly magical moment that is! While I am surrounded by the beauty of my gardens, I add a little extra magic by creating my own rainbow and, for a moment, I feel as carefree as a child. Rainbows are all around us, if we will only take the time to look. You might see a rainbow as you water your yard with water sprinkler, or as a car hits a puddle and sends mist spraying forth. I live on a lake, and I often see rainbows created by the spray from the boat motors going across the lake! Wherever there is mist or rain, you just might see a rainbow! If you can't find a rainbow, remember you can always create rainbows in your own life!

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