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· Spirit Connection (SC) requires you to enter into an Independent Contractor Agreement. You will be responsible for your own taxes.

 · A separate dedicated phone line is suggested for you to receive calls. This line should not have call waiting, voice mail, or an answering machine. We suggest that you do not give out this number for personal use so you do not get interrupted and bounced out of the system while on duty.


· All the calls you receive should be reported to our office each day. This is to insure you receive your bonus money for name and address capture and club enrollments. This can be done by faxing your calls to 1-888-562-9160 or e-mailing your calls to If you can not possibly e-mail or fax your calls please let us know as soon as you receive this packet. Please use the call sheet provided in this packet to collect call information. The call sheets provide us with all the names and addresses and club enrollments you obtain from the callers. However, the minutes you actually work are collected at RCS and AT&T.



RCS pays its independent contractors according to the data down loaded directly from AT&T via its service bureau. Contractors are only paid for the number of minutes and calls shown in this data for each extension. It is accurate to 1/6th of a second. RCS does not compensate any contractor according to an individuals calculations. RCS currently compensates its independent contractors according to the following structure. While the base rate of pay of 20 cents per minute remains constant, a bonus of 25 cents is paid currently for each complete customer record (correct name, full address, date of birth) that is reported to our office. Currently, an additional bonus of 25 cents will be paid for each verified club enrollment.


Your Pay Periods Include
: 1. The first of each month to the 15th. These checks will be mailed out from our office on the 1st of the month.

 2. The 16th of each month to the last day of the month. These checks will be mailed out from our office around the 18th or 19th of the next month.