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            Many of us have unusual stories about how we met the love of our life. The story of the love in the life of the Spirit Goddess came about in a rather unusual way as well.

            Most of you know that the Spirit Goddess has a great love and affection for animals and always has them in her midst. Knowing this, it probably will not come as a surprise to you when you learn that the Spirit Goddess met her true love because of a special puppy!

            Pepper the puppy loved sunny days spent in the picture window of the Spirit Goddess' home. She would lay there for hours and enjoy the comings and going of those outside. In between naps in the warmth of the sun which shone through the window, Pepper would playfully bark and attract the attention of people passing by.

            When the Spirit Goddess was not working, Pepper and the Spirit Goddess spent many long lazy days stretched out on the lawn enjoying the beauty around them. Pepper was very protective of his master and although small, she would always attempt to protect her if she felt danger was near.

            For some reason Pepper the puppy ALWAYS thought that danger was lurking near if a man approached. Now, it could just be that she was afraid of losing some attention......she never would admit it though! Strangely, Pepper truly despised men. There was never a man that stopped to speak with the Spirit Goddess who Pepper liked.

            That is, she never liked any man until this one day when all seemed to change. The Spirit Goddess and Pepper were going for a walk and a man approached. It was expected that there would be the usual barking and protective measures from Pepper and when they did not occur, the Spirit Goddess was in awe. Not only did Pepper not bark or growl, she actually seemed to LIKE this man. Now, you have no idea how this surprised the Spirit Goddess. The man chatted with the Goddess and reached down to pet Pepper. When Pepper gave no indication of being afraid and actually allowed this man to pet her, the Spirit Goddess knew that this must be a very special man.

            The Spirit Goddess was so taken with the kindness of this man that she consulted a palm reader across the lane. The palm reader assured her that this gentleman was most certainly a very kind person and that he was the true love that the Spirit Goddess had been seeking! "This man holds the key to your heart, my dear Spirit Goddess" ,the palm reader assured her.

            The Spirit Goddess went home and consulted Pepper in the type of communication that only a true animal lover can understand. They discussed the kindness this man had shown them both and thought about all the times he had kept the Spirit Goddess from harm since they met. It seemed as though every time the Spirit Goddess had been in danger, this man had always been there to rescue her.

            After a few months of spending time together, the kind gentleman decided to move to another part of the city. It was at this very moment when the Spirit Goddess realized this man surely was her true love. The very thought of him moving across the city was more than she and Pepper puppy could bear.

            The kind man saw the tears well up in the eyes of the Spirit Goddess and stood before her and reached for her hand. She stretched her hand out to meet the warm touch the man offered and as she did he spoke these words...."My beautiful Spirit Goddess, I love you and I cannot stand to think of spending a moment of my life without you! Will you marry me?"

            The Spirit Goddess glowed with happiness as tears of joy now streamed down her face. She said, "Oh, yes I will marry you". There was not a moments hesitation to her answer, and she did not even take the time to consult Pepper puppy. She knew that this love was destined to be as the palm reader had told her long ago.

            IF I REALLY CARED

            If I really cared...
            I'd look you in the eyes when you talk to me;
            I'd think about what you are saying rather than what
            I am going to say next;
            I'd hear your feelings as well as your words.

            If I really cared...
            I'd listen without defending;
            I'd hear without deciding whether you're right or wrong;
            I'd ask you why, not just how and when and where.

            If I really cared...
            I'd allow you to know me;
            I'd tell you my hopes, my dreams, my hurts;
            I'd tell you where I've blown it and when I've made it;

            If I really cared...
            I'd laugh with you but not at you;
            I'd talk with you and not to you;
            and I'd know when it's time to do neither.

            If I really cared...
            I would't climb over your walls;
            I'd hang around until you let me in the gate.
            I would not unlock your secrets;
            I'd wait until you handed me the key.

            If I really cared...
            I'd put my scripts away,
            and leave my solutions at home.
            The performance would end.
            We'd be ourselves.
            Author unknown


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