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As the company has invested enormous sums of money in the advertising and promotion of its Psychic telephone programs, it requires protection from the use of its customers by any unauthorized operators, psychic, or outside parties.  To protect Visions Of Light from any unauthorized use of its customer base, employees are prohibited from collecting, recording, or receiving any information from any customer for private or professional use, without prior written authorization of the company.

Psychics are prohibited from any outside contact with Visions Of Light customers, whatsoever.  Employees are prohibited from encouraging, inducing, or stealing away any customers.  Psychics are prohibited from obtaining any client information (including but not limited to name, address, and/or telephone number) for personal or professional use.  All clients are the property of Visions Of Light.  Psychics are prohibited from conducting private services for clients obtained through work with Visions Of Light, whether receiving payment, or not for services rendered.

Solicitation of Vision Of Light’s clients for any product or service is strictly prohibited, including the sale of any product or service over the telephone, via mail, or other media.

Any Psychic who owns, operates, or has an interest in a pay per call psychic line is prohibited from working with Visions Of Light.

To maintain the present confidential and proprietary status of information, Psychic agrees as follows:
1.  To keep all manuals and information learned from Visions Of Light confidential.
2.  To use the information solely for the purpose of conducting the companies business.

We ask that all Psychics conduct themselves in a professional manner including acts as follows:
1.  To act in a legal, moral, ethical manner.
2.  To not claim guaranteed results of 100% accuracy.
3.  To not encourage client dependency.
4.  To not abuse a clients trust and vulnerability to benefit financially, sexually, or otherwise.
5.  To not refer client to any other psychic, person or organization in anticipation of acquiring kick backs or other compensation.

Because conditions change and future work situations are unpredictable, management reserves the right to add, delete, modify, or change the contents of this information booklet.  Any future revisions to the statements contained in this booklet will be distributed to all independent contractors.


Telephone company policy forbids readings to go beyond 60 minutes.  At the sound of the beeps, which should be audible to the caller as well, inform the client that the "warning tone" has sounded and that the SYSTEM will automatically disconnect the call shortly.  At this point, tell the client that "we should wrap-up now, do you have any last questions?".