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Readers should give adequate notice in the event of intended resignation.  Adequate notice is considered to be at least 1 week.

For the safety and well-being of our customers there must be certain rules and standards of conduct which must be followed.  Although we do not have a progressive discipline procedure, we remind you that your ability to log onto the system may be denied at any time with or without notice by Visions Of Light.

Management will consider the impact of the offense on the company, the extent of the damage caused and the circumstances of the offense.

The following, while not all inclusive, is a list of examples of behavior which could lead to disciplinary action up to and including denial of log on rights.
1.  Providing irresponsible, inappropriate and /or harmful information to the client, including but not limited to:
(A)  Discussions of a sexually explicit nature, or in a graphically sexual tone.
(B)  Inappropriate personal questions and/or statements.
(C)  Inappropriate discussion of death.
(D)  Diagnoses of ailments or illness.
(E)  Prescribing remedies or treatments.
(F)  Giving clients legal advice.

2.  Conducting yourself in an unprofessional manner while on the telephone with a client, including but not limited to:
(A)  Claiming to meditate, or meditating itself.
(B)  Threatening of, or intimidation of the client.
(C)  Use of improper language, including the use of racial slurs while conducting a reading
(D)  Rudeness to clients on the telephone, including interrupting the reading talking to someone else, or to put the phone down.
(E)  Eating or drinking while on the phone with a client.
(F)  Engaging in unrelated activities while on the phone with a client, such as reading the newspaper or playing computer games.

3.  Do not leave the client in silence.

4.  Speaking to underage clients.
5.  Speaking to people who are calling from hotels, jails, telephone booths, or any other location where it is clear, that they will not be successfully billed.
6.   Conducting readings for reporters or media of any kind, whether it be radio, television, or print, without the prior consent of the management.
7.  Interrupting the reading or putting the phone down while you have a client on the phone.  You must be engaged with the caller at all times.
8.  Criticizing other readers or management to clients on the phone.
9.  Failure to maintain a proper noise level within your home work environment.
10.  Falsifying employment application, health questionnaire, or other documents required by the company.
11.  Having anybody, other than the reader who has contracted with Visions Of Light answer the line.