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Welcome to Visions Of Light.  A company that really knows how to run a Psychic Line!  The following Reader Guidelines are to help you get acquainted with our philosophies and some of our policies and procedures.

This booklet is designed to address those questions most frequently asked.  We hope you will find your time with us both pleasant and profitable and we extend our personal welcome to you.
A Note To New Readers!
We want you to understand this system before you log on!

1.  All new extensions MUST be activated within 5 days of being issued, or the extension will be revoked.

2.  Readers must maintain a call average of 14 minutes or above.  If your call average drops below 11 minutes, your extension will be automatically suspended.

3.   If your extension number has no activity for one week, your priority will go to a higher (worse) number and will continue to move higher each week,  making it difficult for you to get calls.  It is important that you activate your extension each week and maintain a good call average if you wish to be successful.

Field Manager,

Debbie Holder