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 Visions of Light

2062  Village Wood Road

    Encinitas, Ca  92024

Dear Empathic Counselor,

This line is open 24 hours a day.  Calls are generated from major t.v. commercials.  The calls you will receive fall into three categories.  This may change, and we will notify you via the daily log-on message___which, by the way, you should check several times a day, even if you decide not to log on at that time.

You will receive $0.20 for each on-line minute.  Paychecks are sent out on a weekly basis.

When you read the material, you will see that one kind of call, a "60 minute YES CLUB"
requires you to offer the club to the caller.  Read the Astrological Society Of America club information carefully so that you may get through it easily and quickly with the caller.  Before you log on for the first time, make sure you have coordinated the information with the enclosed sample log sheet, because accurate logs for each call are an important part of the line.  Please make sure that you have made enough copies of the sample log sheet to log all your calls.
We also have others lines not associated with PRN.  If you do well on PRN we will
evaluate you for the new lines.  The new lines pay 25 cents a minute.  You do not have to fax or mail in your calls nor get addresses, club enrollments etc.  Any call under 2 minutes
will not be figured in your average.  We try to  put the best readers on this line as we feel
it is going to be a superior psychic line.. So work hard at keeping your average over 14
& then let us know if you would like to try the new line.  Good Luck!!!
You must fax your logs in every day.  FAX DAILY LOGS TO  1-888-562-5593
Thank You,

Debbie Holder

903-860-3149 HOME
903-860-3149  FAX


                                     Visions of Light
                              2062  Village Wood Road
                                  Encinitas, Ca  92024

If you Absolutely cannot fax in your log sheets, you may mail them
to:  Psychic Resources,  6153 Fairmount Av.  #213,   San Diego, CA 92120
You must mail them in the day after you took the calls or they will not be accepted.