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The sponsor company considers it your job to obtain full names and addresses from at least 50% of your callers and to enroll a reasonable amount of callers into the Astrological Society Of America Club.  If a call is over 15 minutes long, the sponsor company will be looking for a club sign up.

FAX DAILY LOGS TO: 1-888-562-5593
LOG IN #: 1-800-848-4587
CALL BACK#: 1-900-786-8086
PRN COMPLAINT#: 1-937-383-4769

(divide total minutes worked by total calls =daily average/weekly average)
Record your name and extension number, date and page number on EVERY sheet.  Record EVERY call, even hang-ups.  Enter the start time (Eastern Time) and record the length of the call.  Ask for correct spellings, if you are unsure.
If a caller refuses to give you an address, write "REFUSED" along the address lines.  Check "Enrolled In Club" if you do so.

Log "on" and "off" from another phone if possible.  Enter Ext.# and then Password when prompted to do so, LISTEN TO MESSAGES, Press 1 to "log in" and Press 2 to "log off".

When giving the call back number, 1-900-786-8086, you must say: "You will receive some free minutes sponsored by Real Communications, additional minutes are $4.99 a minute. Adults and entertainment only. (this changes OFTEN, so listen to the daily message for the latest updates)

"Thank you for calling the Network.  This is______ at extension ________.  May I have your name and birthdate please?   (Name), what city and state are you calling from?  We would like to send  you some free promotional items and a free magazine, what is your address?

Then tell the caller what kind of reading you do.  Ask what brought them to the line, do they have a question, etc.  Then, start a general reading, or whatever you do at the beginning of your readings.  If they say their free time is up, you could say something like, "well, hanging up is your choice but we’ve just begun and there are a lot of things to be revealed to you about your future".  Use your best judgment and know that not everyone will stay on after the free time , so do not dwell on this and move on to the next caller who is really looking for a reading.  Remember, "hang-ups" are not to be taken personally!