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General Information

Independent Contractors
Readers on the In-Home line are independent contractors with their income being reported for tax purposes on a 1099.   Independent contractors are therefore solely responsible for the paying of any tax, social security, or other governmental payments and obligations.

Personal Information
It us extremely important that we have on file your current address, phone number, and person to contact in case of an emergency.  Therefore, if you are moving your residence, changing your telephone number, etc., you must notify Visions Of Light immediately by calling (903) 860-3149

Office Communications
If you are experiencing any problems, or have questions you may contact our field office at any time during our hours of operation at (903) 860-3149.

Discussing Company Information
Readers are asked to refrain from discussing the nature of our business with anyone that is not employed by Visions Of Light.  We also ask that you do not perform readings over our lines for any broadcast media, whether that be radio, or television, etc.

Call Waiting, Voice Mail Systems,
And Message Centers
Any person who wishes to work on Visions Of Light In Home Line, is prohibited from having call waiting, a voice mail system, and /or a message center on the line from which readings will be conducted.

Hours Of Work
As an independent contractor you may set your own schedule, and work wherever and whenever you like.  We do ask that you listen to the daily message and assist us in covering the "peak" hours each day that you can work.  If you wish to contact the field office, normal hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Rest Breaks
Due to the unique nature of your work, Visions Of Light recognizes the need for frequent breaks.  Readers are encouraged to take short breaks, up to 10 minutes an hour when needed.  During these "rest breaks", Readers are required to "log off" their telephone.

The work week at Visions Of Light is Monday through Sunday.  All readers are paid on a weekly basis.  Checks are mailed on the next Wednesday following the end of the one week period and will reflect earnings for the prior week.  For any lost check, there will be a stop check fee of $24.00 deducted from any replacement checks issued.

Paycheck Discrepancies
Any discrepancies in your paycheck, should be brought to the attention of the Payroll Manager.  The manager will either respond by phone or by mail.  Adjustments to your paycheck should show up on the following paycheck.