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The power of what we do here is limitless.  We have the power to uplift people to their highest potential or destroy their hopes, relieve their worst fears,  or confirm them.  Because of this, we must approach what we do with a strong sense of responsibility.

The following guidelines are here to help you with your readings so that we may serve our clients with a better quality product.

All readings should be presented in a Positive Light.  Absolutely no Gloom and Doom.  Remember, every negative can be a positive.  To protect our company and yourselves, emphasize that everyone has free will and that nothing is definite.  Outline the various choices that are open to them.  But remember, the final responsibility must always be given to the client.  Psychics must watch carefully what they say, and must not destroy any hope.  Remember, we are all in need of Love and Understanding.

Sensitive Subject Matter

Absolutely under no circumstance are you to directly address questions concerning death.  In response to direct questions such as: Will he/she die?  The proper response should be that company policy is such that you are strictly prohibited from discussing death issues.  If they proceed, explain that you may be terminated if you continue this discussion.

Absolutely under no circumstance are you to diagnose.  We are not medical professionals and therefore cannot, either from a moral or legal standpoint, offer any diagnosis.  Should you sense that there may be a health problem, always recommend that they consult their physician.  If they question that statement, the proper reply should be that "It would be a good idea to do so".

Your clients choices are theirs and theirs alone.  Choose your words carefully.  Use words such as: "The probabilities are", or "it is highly likely/unlikely that this may occur".  Be aware that sometimes all that a person needs is an affirmation, positive or negative, to make a hasty, rash ,  decision that may affect the rest of their lives.   Be aware of the weight your words carry.  You are a professional.  If your client insists on knowing whether their partner is cheating on them or not, a good response may be, "I do not see this happening, but if it is so, you will surely find out about it sooner or later".

We are not trained in handling these types of cases, however coldly referring these people to the appropriate crisis hotline number may do more harm than good.  Use your judgment in gently directing them to the appropriate number with the love and support, and understanding that they need.  You will find the hotline
numbers in your reference guide.